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Dog Beach Towel - tan bobbles
Georgie Paws

Dog Beach Towel - tan bobbles

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Some may call this an indulgence - a towel just for the pooch?

Well, maybe you have not been in the situation at the beach when:

1.  you need to pile back into the car with a wet dog (do all dogs smell as bad as George after a swim?)

2.  semi-dry dog sits on top of your backpack all the way home which results in nothing less than a damp backpack.

3.  you are still swimming and notice your pooch is sitting proudly in the middle of your towel, all wet and sandy.

Violet's brainwave solution was to give George and Flora their own towels!  Lightweight (just 300gm) that folds up to virtually nothing.  AND it actually looks rather smart if you decide to wear it as a sarong or borrow it as your own towel.

100% absorbent Recycled Cotton, made in Turkey

95cm x 180cm

available in nautical stripes or fun bobbles.