Human Dog Tags

A beautiful way to remember the King or Queen of hounds in your life.

Violet has thought of everything when it comes to honouring her special dogs, Dave the Wonder Dog, Hugo, Alfie, Pippa, Olive, and of course George and Flora.

A Georgie Paws Human Dog Tag is just the thing to offer a friend whos hound has gone left for greener pastures.

925 sterling silver, the letters measure 5mm in diameter and hang on a strong adjustable chain 40cm - 45cm (16” – 18”) with a little link at the back near the clasp.

A is for Angelic
B is for Blissful
C is for Charming
D is for Delightful
E is for Excellent
F is for Fashionable
G is for Gorgeous
H is for High-Spirited
I is for Ingenious
J is for Jovial
K is for Keen
L is for Lovely
M is for Magnificent
N is for Natural
O is for Overjoyed
P is for Peaceful
Q is for Quirky
R is for Rosy
S is for Sunny
T is for Thrilling
U is for Unforgettable
V is for Visionary
W is for Warm-Hearted
X is for XOX
Y is for Youthful
Z is for Zippy