90 day compostable Dog Pooh Bags by Oh Crap

Georgie Paws


Yes!  Dog Pooh bags that are gone forever in 90 days!

The scientists at Oh Crap have developed a corn-starch dog pooh bag that will completely disappear within 3 months - just throw it in the compost or the bin - nature takes care of the rest.

In Australia, there are approximately 4.2 million dogs that create over 1200 kilograms of waste every day - oooooo - imagine how much that is globally?...

We asked Violet to product test and pick up all the pooh from George and Flora from a few days of running around the garden...  her conclusions:

.  not once did the bag feel like breaking - even with all that pooh!

.  the bag was big enough for her hand to fit comfortably.

.  it was nice and soft and lightweight (she is a tactile girl...)...

.  it was really easy to open.

We have thought about making our own Georgie Paws Pooh Bags, but when we found Oh Crap from Geelong in Australia, there was no need to create competition.

large pack = 19 rolls of 20 bags (including a free leather dog pooh bag pouch)


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