Paddington Lead - (safe check chain)

Before you get really excited, stock is quite low at the moment in the Paddington - just goes to show what a great idea it is!...  but, rest assured, we are making more and are happy to take orders whilst our craftsmen are busy braiding.

A safe, handsome, deliciously soft variation on the traditional training lead or chain (check chain, choker lead).  The Paddington has 2 sliding knots to keep the collar size firm with no choking, (and did we say it was deliciously soft and luxurious?).

Just the thing for busy people, big and small dogs and especially collarless dogs - just slide the knots apart, slip the loop over your hound's head, slide the knots back together for the correct size, and hey presto!  Paddington is doing its thing.

Really supple buffalo leather, plaited by Violet's expert craftsmen - (did we mention it was terribly handsome?).

155cm long, with limitless collar sizes, packaged in a reusable velvet pouch. 


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