Double Trouble - a lead attachment for 2 dogs

All 2 dog families can relate to walking your treasured hounds on 2 leads, they each find a good sniffing spot in opposite directions and it can be near death for the owner with arms stretched apart.

Pop the Double Trouble attachment on the end of your favourite lead to have your hounds prancing along in time (they will only go as fast or slow as the other).  

Sturdy buffalo leather with antique brass hardware that swivels to avoid tangles.

 4 Really Good Reasons why we use Buffalo Leather at Georgie Paws: 

. the actual leather is softer, stronger and more stable.
. it resists cracking in the seawater.
. absorbs and releases moisture making it comfortable to use.
. it is religious neutral.


*red is shown with the Racer Lead.  Lead is sold separately.

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