About Us

Hello, my name is Violet, and I started Georgie Paws in 2016 when I was 13 years old. I became a young entrepreneur when I finally decided to ask my mum to help build a business. My business is built around one of my favourite things in the world – Dogs!

I wanted to design beautiful dog collars and other luxury dog related accessories. I have learnt that it’s always better to use the best materials we can afford to, as usually it will last longer and look better with age. I also spoil my dogs George and Flora at Christmas and on their  birthdays – (funny, I don’t do this for my cat....)

I looked at the treats and gifts available and saw I could do something fun and classy. I keep coming up with ideas, so I have a long-term plan for Georgie Paws - like us on Facebook or follow Instagram to be the first to see my new designs.


I am so excited about all the things that have happened since 2016.  I pitched to the Sharks on Shark Tank, was nominated for the Telstra Business Awards, and have stocked over 400 stores in Australia, New Zealand, USA, UK, France, Austria and Italy!

Mum (Annette) joined my business in the middle of 2018, as things were getting hectic with school, sport and business.  She is in charge of operations and I do all the creative stuff and processing orders.


Why Buffalo Leather?

There are so many reasons why I chose to use Buffalo Leather for Georgie Paws:  it resists cracking for water-loving dogs; it isn't stretched in the tanning process, so it holds its shape really well; is sustainable; religious neutral, and it uses fewer chemicals.  Actually, every now and again, when you open your Georgie Paws collar or lead, you may see a tiny bit of white substance - that's just a little moisture and easy to rub off (use a hairdryer for a quicker result).  We decided to not use extra chemicals to stop this as I didn't want my dogs to have extra chemicals around their necks...  


Georgie Paws leather products are made in Pakistan by an amazing group of artisans.  We are proud to support them and love their quality and attention to detail.


A really big part of my world is reducing waste and the reliance of plastics.  It is quite a job, finding packaging that will just disappear after it has been used.  Georgie Paws leather collars and leads are packaged in a repurposable leather pouch which uses scraps of leather, depending on how many scraps there are to use up! 

Maybe this is what I will study at university?  


My favourite thing to do is take my dogs to the beach and watch them run around madly.  George is more of a statesman and likes to proudly trot.  Flora is still a pup and is into everything... in and out of the water.


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